Support Native American Artists

Support Native American Artists

Art and Human emotion are closely connected. Art and culture have the ability to enhance the quality of life for a community as a whole. While bringing a community together , it can also promote economic growth. Having a community rich in arts and culture is vital in today’s new economy.


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Art nurtures the human spirit and takes a lot of hard work and talent to come up with a piece of artwork. When supporting Native Artistry, you are supporting families and creations that have been passed down from generation to generation. Each piece can reflect a symbol, region where they came from or customization to the customers preference. Native artists are generally doing what they love and the art they create has instilled joy in their communities for generations and generations. By supporting a Native Artist you are supporting someone who is doing what they love.


Native Art


Here at Smokin Joe’s Trading Post we feature Native Artwork in many forms. Come in today to 2293 Saunders Settlement Rd Sanborn, NY 14132 and view or purchase our growing collection of Native American Artwork.