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Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Coffee is common ground for the vast cultures of the world.Read More

Legends of the Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher is very popular in today’s society. Dreamcatchers can be found hanging in people’s cars, inside as a decoration, and hanging in children’s rooms. The dreamcatcher has many different origins and stories that can explain the meaning behind the dreamcatcher.Read More

Essential Oils for Balancing Chakras

The Chakras are energy systems that run down the body, starting at the head and running down the center of the body to the base of the spine. The Chakras represent different areas in our lives and can cause issues when they are not balanced. Below is a quick introduction to the chakras and essential oils that will help to balance them. Stop in to Smokin Joe’s Trading Post for some aromatherapy oils!Read More

Look Good in Kut From the Kloth Denim

When you look good you generally feel great! Looking great can be a reflection of your health and well-being or looking great can simply reflect your wardrobe choices. How you dress can say alot about you as a person and in some cases how you will be treated. Judging someone based off what they are wearing is not at all ethical or correct by any means but in our society it happens and it is unavoidable.Read More

Healing Gems and La Meno Jewelry

Crystals are ancient minerals that have been used as ancient spiritual healing tools. Rocks, gems and crystals are made up of energy that emit a unique vibration. The rocks, gems and crystals are thought to react positively with the body’s energy field and promote physical, spiritual, and emotional healing.Read More

Native American Beadwork and Popular Shoes Collide

Owner of Spotted-Elk Collective, Katy Isennock and Johnson Taylor have specialized in adding beadwork to popular shoes such as Converse Chuck Taylors. The beadwork on each Pair of shoes sold is custom to the customers preference and the owners strive to make each shoe one of a kind. The owners of Spotted-Elk Collective are from the Plains Tribes of the Mid-West and collaborate and work together on color combinations and designs. The shoes are gaining popularity throughout the world and there is a significant wait for a custom shoe.

Read More

Support Native American Artists

Art and Human emotion are closely connected. Art and culture have the ability to enhance the quality of life for a community as a whole. While bringing a community together , it can also promote economic growth. Having a community rich in arts and culture is vital in today’s new economy.Read More

Lacrosse & What it Means

Lacrosse is not only the fastest growing sport in the US, but a sport deep in Native American roots. Known as the Creator’s game, Lacrosse was a gift from the Creator, played to honor the Creator in the tradition of healing the people.Read More

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