Prints that are here to stay!

Prints that are here to stay!

Fashion is forever evolving and changing. Every season brings something new. Every generation has something new. However, there are some aspects of fashion that do not change and are forever favored. The style of clothes may change but these are prints that will never get old or go out of style: 


cowboy hat


  1. Stripes- Stripes will forever be a classic and you can’t go wrong with a black and white striped top. However, color stripes are making a come back. 

  2. Animal Print- Edgy and exciting. This print has been popular since the prehistoric ages. Trending this year is the leopard print! Other popular animal prints are cheetah, snake, butterfly and zebra. 

  3. Polka-Dot- Polka Dot is such a classic and seems to always stay hot! 

  4. Floral- Can’t get any better than an eye catchy floral print! Florals are a particular favorite this year for Men and Women. 

  5. Plaid- Dressing down or dressing up? Plaid can be worn year round to chill or to impress. 

striped print tie

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