Spring Clean The Native Way

Spring Clean The Native Way

Burning Sage is an ancient Native American ritual still widely used to today by most tribes. A well established practice in the traditions of many Native American tribes, burning sage is used as a way to cleanse a person or area of negative energies. Prayers and blessings may also take place at the same time the sage is burning. Along with being a sacred ritual, burning sage has many other benefits such as:


  1. Purifies - Most popular used sage has antimicrobial properties and keep infectious bacteria, viruses and fungus away. Air level of bacteria is reduced by approximately 94% for 24 hours after sage is burned. Amazing!

  2. Mood Improvement- Smudging can lift your spirit by banishing negative energy and in some cultures White Sage is used as a traditional remedy for treating depression, anxiety and mood disorders.

  3. Improve Quality of Sleep-  Classic Garden Sage contains various compounds that help ease insomnia and can help you get a good night’s rest.

  4. Boost Energy- Prairie Sage has properties that produce an energizing effect after being burned. By ridding oneself of bad energies, it allows for more positive energies to be welcome in the body and or space.

  5. Boost Cognition- Increased focus, cognition, and alertness can be obtained by burning Salvia White Sage.


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