Stress Free Party Hosting

Stress Free Party Hosting

It’s party season and with party season comes a lot of party hosting. Everyone loves a great party and being a host it not an easy ordeal. With many pallets to please, food choices to serve can be tough. Instead of cooking many dishes and stressing out the best way to a stress free party for the host would be party trays! We have a few great ideas for different types of party trays that would please everyone.


  • 1. Deli Meat and Cheese Tray

  • 2. Mediterranean Hummus Tray paired with Fresh Bruschetta

  • 3. Fondue Dessert Tray- Pair chocolate and caramel fondue with you favorite dippers such as fruit and sweet desserts.

  • 4. Greek Antipasto Tray- Olives, Nuts, Feta Cheese, Goat Cheese, Meat Variety

  • 5. Vegetable Tray with Dip

  • 6. Fruit Tray with Greek Yogurt Dip or Coconut Yogurt for a dairy free option


Here at Smokin Joes we offer a wide selection of Meats and Cheese to help you host a great event. We will make the platters for you as well. Come on in to Smokin Joes Trading Post for your Party Platter needs!